24. Veitscher Grenzstaffellauf 26. June 2010
Ultra - Alpin - Marathon
56 km / 2200 Hm
and Relay for 3 Runners (18,5/16,0/21,5 km)

Austria Ungarn
  • Contest Place: Indoor swimming pool in "Dorf Veitsch"

  • Saturday, 26th of June, 2010

  • Handing out of starting numbers: Friday from 5pm till 8pm and Saturday from 7am.; there is also the possibility of taking photos of the relay teams; these photos will be sent via email to the runners after the race

  • 8:30 bus transport for the second relay runners to the changing point; transport for the first runners back to the starting/finishing area
  • Start: mass start at 9am.

  • 9:45 bus transport for the third runners to the changing point; transport for the second runners back to the starting/finishing area

  • The collection place for the bus transports is in front of the indoor swimming pool.

  • Award Ceremony: approximately 5pm

  • Prizes from the 1. to 3. place in each class

  • Goods tombola with all participants

  • Classification

Relay Classification

  • F/M to total age <= 119 years
  • D/H to total ager >= 120 - 149 years
  • D/H from total age >= 150 years
  • Mixed relay

Marathon Runner

F/M 18/25/30/35/40/45/50/55/60/65

z.B. F/M30 (1976-1980)

The first runner of a relay can also start as a marathon runner.

Registration Fee : till 19st of June 2010-- after that + € 2.-/ Runner
Relay Team : 90.- Euro  (30.-/Runner) (96.- Euro)

Marathon:   32.- Euro  (34.- Euro)
Relay team, with 1st runner as marathon runner: 92,- Euro (96.- Euro)

Registration under point Registration!

If you want to registrate on the running day, you have the possibilty till 8.30pm.

Payment to
Account Number :  08600500667
In order to be able to transfer money to Austria, you need the BIC and the IBAN code:
IBAN: AT 922081508600500667
Bank: Steiermärkische Sparkasse
Name: Werner Pointner (or Grenzstaffellauf)
Address: Feldgasse 4, 8663 Veitsch, Steiermark, Österreich

For relays where one/two runner/s is/are missing, there will be the runner exchange implemented, where a list of runners (who want to run but have no relay team yet) is available. Please send us an email with all information to grenzstaffellauf@veitsch.at.

Things which will be offered to you:

  • 1 T-Shirt 2010
  • Photos from the Relays and Marathon Runners
  • Transfers to and from the changing points
  • 12 Refreshment areas
  • approx. 120 cups
  • Goods Tombola
  • Result Lists
    • A list with detailed time and results will be prompt available in the internet
    • Also a detailed list with time, rank and total rank between the refreshment areas and changing points will be also available at the website some days after the event.

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